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 Post Adress: BalabanlıKöyü, No: 136 Ayvacık - Çanakkale - Turkey
 Whenever you wish contact with me via cell phone +90 5322157506 or whatsApp or via email nihankoyevi@yahoo.com.tr In case i am not around there my assigned person will help you regarding key release and general information.
Getting Around &Location
 Hourly shuttle transfers to BehramkaleAssos, Gulpınar and Ayvacık however you need private cars transfer to beaches. We offer car for efficiently northern agean tours. In case you dont have private cars for sightseeing we may provide cars with driver as well as motorbike. Additionally we may provide marine boat for boat trips.

  For coming by car,
  We are 15/20 minutes drive from Assos/Behramkale. Approaching from Assos/Behramkale - from the 4 way intersection - you drive in the direction of Gulpinar passing the villages of Korubasi and Koruoba and then you will see Bektas village Just after 2 km you will see BALABANLI sign pls pass them 500-600 mt you will see traditional Turkish style village café on the right side do not pass them café and turn righ 15-20 mt you can see our home with small blue balcony on the left side.

  For those coming by plane,
  There are a lot of flights from Istanbul to the BalikesirKocaSeyit airport (which is located in Burhaniye, about a 1 and 1/2 hour drive). Tickets are not expensive, particularly when booked ahead. We can arrange an economical car rental for you at that airport. If you choose not to rent a car Bora jet has a free service from the airport to Ayvacik. (be sure to get on the right service bus as there are 3 separate services, yours is Ayvacik with a "C" not Ayvalik with an "L") It is possible to rent a car in Ayvacik from Vural Rent-a-Car at 0543-874-4713. English speakers can ask us to make inquiries. Seasonally there can also be flights to Canakkale airport and we could arrange a car rental from there also.

  For those arriving by bus,
  You can also take a bus from Istanbul to Ayvacik (that is Ayvacik with a "c" not Ayvalik with an "L" which is a larger town much further down the coast). There are overnight buses and buses during the day. The trip is approximately 8 hours. We can pick you up in Ayvacik for a fee of 60 tl each way (max of 4 people), which is the taxi fare, if you arrange this with us beforehand. It is possible to rent a car in Ayvacik from Vural Rent-a-Car at 0543-874-4713. English speakers can ask us to make inquiries.


Assos is the city where the great philosopher Aristoteles taught philosophy and wrote some of his books.

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As every year, villager harvest their olives with their guests and friends on the in October.

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